Design, Animation & Art Direction

Miscellaneous projects

In the past couple of years I've been working as a Design Lead at Oliver×Bayer. Having a client with multiple brands and complex projects opened up various opportunities for me, especially in the art direction.

Our create jobs always start with a client debriefing. Then they go into ideation phase, when, the copywriter and I think up the creative routes we would like to take. After the approvals, we seal the deals on the master concept and materials and send them over to our integrated designer to roll out other declinations, our MGD to transform the STBs into videos, and to our dev to build the animated banners. I oversee this and give guidance and feedback throughout the whole process of implementation until all the assets get sent to media.

Regarding the leadership part of my job, I can say that I am like a mama bear protecting her team-cubs from too-tight deadlines or random feedbacks. I try to keep a light hearted spirit in the status meetings where we combine the practical bit of who-does-what with the socializing part. Since we work from home, I feel this is crucial and, over time, it enabled us to become really trusting of one another and to communicate our problems and concerns better than in any other place I've been before.

Bayer also implements new technologies. CreativeX, for e.g., has become integrated part of our process. We not only have to have all the rules in mind when building the creatives but also have to test them and keep an eye on their performances when they go in-flight.

Another tool that we try to implement is Celtra. I've been chosen to oversee the learning process of our whole EMEA team. Together with one of our developers I have held workshops and made analyses of how this platform works, on how it imacts the workflow and the people.

From a work distribution perspective, I feel like I do 50% creative work, 30% art directing, 10% leadership, 10% Celtra&CreativeX.

Please find below some relevant case studies of projects that were endearing to work on.

Aspirin - The Right Choice.

About the project

The challenge presented to us for the Right Choice campaign was to craft an engaging and visually striking experience across various channels, including OLVs and programmatic banners. Our goal was to distinguish between two products based on their targeted symptoms. We rose to the occasion by creating a captivating and cohesive look and feel.

We employed a clever use of visual differentiators. Vibrant yellow hues were chosen to represent Aspirin Plus, while refreshing green tones were associated with Aspirin Complex. We carefully selected male and female models, considering the tendencies of each gender when it comes to seeking medical relief. Sneezing visuals brilliantly portrayed the effectiveness of Aspirin Plus, while powerful coughing scenes depicted the potency of Aspirin Complex.

Immerse yourself in the accompanying video, where you'll witness the essence of our campaign. From its aesthetics to the results it delivered, our creative approach not only captured attention but also inspired action among the target audience.

My contribution (campaign & case study video): ideation, STB & banners concept and design, art direction.

Rennie - Easter

About the project

After our successful activation of X-mass, we embarked on an exciting endeavor to adapt our assets for a new occasion, leveraging insights from the BLS results. Our task was to infuse the new creatives with a cozy, familial ambiance while simultaneously adhering to the Creative X requirements and precision marketing specifications. Taking into account well-defined personas, we meticulously crafted various assets, including captivating 30-second online videos, attention-grabbing bumpers, and visually appealing display banners. Our goal was to ensure the utmost relevance to consumers, and we achieved just that.

This campaign yielded outstanding results, leading us to proudly showcase it at R4B—an esteemed Bayer competition.

My contribution (campaign & case study video): ideation, STB & banners concept and design, art direction.

Supradyn - Moments

About the project

Supradyn helps you recharge with energy and go about your day.

Beside the general message, the OLVs and programmatic banners were carefully crafted around four key moments: energizing mornings, defeating afternoon slumps, enduring long working hours, and maximizing physical training.

We tried to go into a more modern direction with the design and animation and with the workarounds for the CX "frame" rule since at this point, our KPIs were to have all assets score above 85%, though we alwais aim to get 100%.

My contribution (campaign): ideation, STB & banners concept and design, art direction.

Canesbalance - The Castle Down There

About the project

As the first signs of BV emerge, women are caught in a whirlwind of emotions—embarrassment and profound concern entwined in an intricate dance. Anxiety and shame alternate, while physical and social discomfort persist.

To address these complexities, we embarked on a journey to blend directness and subtlety. Our creative assets, including posters, social media assets, animated banners, online video ads (OLVs), and a TV commercial (TVC), were strategically divided into four distinct High-Value Audiences (HVAs). This masterstroke ensured that the majority of our audience felt truly seen, understood, and could readily identify with the protagonist.

With every visual and with every carefully crafted message, we shattered barriers, providing solace and empathy. Our campaign spoke directly to the hearts of women, offering reassurance and guidance as they navigated the delicate path towards relief.

From a tech perspective, we implemented the animated banners via automation slowly and swiftly having our developers transition to new technologies.

My contribution (campaign): ideation, STB & banners concept and design, art direction.

CEEC Digital Content Factory (DCF) - Year II presentation video

About the project

The project revolved around captivating internal key stakeholders - the esteemed EMEA LT, and Digitex. Our aim was to create a tantalizing 2-minute film that not only showcased the remarkable progress of the CEEC Digital Content Factory (our team) in 2022 but also provided a profound understanding of cluster specifics, evolution, and the achievements fostered through the invaluable Bayer×Oliver collaboration.

Our underlying message: collaboration, a formidable bond that unites, and a resolute team armed with unwavering strength, enabling exceptional efficiency. Through cinematography, we endeavored to craft a film that exuded dynamism—a visual pulsating with diversity while maintaining a cohesive one-cluster approach.

The film became a testament to the transformative power of teamwork, a testament to the extraordinary heights we can achieve when we stand united.

My contribution: ideation, STB concept and design, montage, and art direction.