Logo, Web design, Illustration & Animation

Business GO a live Software-as-a-Service

Business Go set up to solving a problem that many start-ups have: the devil is in the details. As a business just starting up you often have to take care, not only of nurturing your ideas and your business, but also of the administrative tasks of managing stocks and employees, of taking care of setting up points of sales, taking surveys from your clients and so much more...

Business Go is a platform you can customize so it can answer all your needs without being overwhelmingly complicated. My task as a designer, as an illustrator, and finally as an animator was to convey the feeling that everything will be easier and much more straightforward and that your business will simply take off. I started by designing the logo and choosing the right color theme for the visual identity. But don't take my word for it, take a peek below to see for yourself ;)

Step I  Logo concept and design

Business Go Logo
C: 77% M: 36% Y: 0% K: 0%
C: 98% M: 88% Y: 45% K: 58%
Business Go Animated Logo

Step II  Typography

Business Go Typography

Step III  Web design

It is said that the first impression is the most important whether it is a job interview, a first date, or a first visit on a website. We wanted that the first impression a visitor on would have is that it is a well-organized and easy to use product that is at one-click away from solving their problem.

Homepage Design on Mobile
Home Page Design

Product Page

For each product we broke the content into small, easily-digestible bits so that the user would understand how each feature worked and how it would impact their business. We decided that a small visual would not only make the overall vibe of the content more relaxed and the TOV more friendly but would also support the text by a simple visualisation.

Product Page Design

Pricing | Start Now | Contact

Every page was thought as an answer to a question the user might have: what does the product do for me, as a user, how much would it cost, how do I start, and where can I find you, should I want to find out more, from a real person.

Pricing Table Design
Get Started Form Design
Contact Page Design

Step IV  Illustrations

When we worked on the illustrations we went in the direction of colorful yet simple and clear, conceptual but not too abstract. I first made 3 illustrations and we worked on them until we decided we had a baseline style and vibe, then we continued onto the next at a greater pace.

#1  Invoicing

Invoicing Illustration

#2  Stock Management

Stock Management Illustration

#3  Point of Sales

Point of Sales Illustration

#4  Online Shop

Online Shop Illustration

#5  CRM

CRM Illustration

#6  Human Resources

Human Resources Illustration

#7  Email Marketing

Email Marketing Illustration

#8  Surveys

Surveys Illustration

#9  Storage Management

Storage Management Illustration

#10  Time Management

Time Management Illustration

Step V  Animation

The animation process started by first thinking up the message we wanted to convey: Business Go has a lot of services to offer to make your company take off. We then made a storyboard that comprised of 6 different panels that I ended up animating in the course of 3 weeks. Take a look at the animation below, and, if you like it, let me know by sending me a message through my contact form.