Barkos - Logo, Packaging & Illustration

Handmade Candles Branding

Based in the quiet city of Stavanger, Norway, Barkos is a handmade candles company just begining its journey. Initially, it started with five delicate, more traditional, scents. Eventually three more flavors were added to enrich the offer, especially for special events and holidays that required a more sophisticated choice.

In the process of finding the perfect concept for the logo symbol, I’ve started explorations that included the idea of a sparkling flame, to match the concept behind the business: candles to be lit inside homes, meant to kindle special moments betwen lovers, family dinners, special annoucements... A candle fit for a HOME.

Step 1 Logo concept and design

C: 0% M: 35% Y: 87% K: 0%
C: 0% M: 35% Y: 87% K: 0%

Step III Original illustrations for special flavored candles