I am Adriana.

I am a visual designer and an illustrator.
Welcome to visual cookies

I am a self-taught visual designer - not a choice in itself but rather a journey of discovery that led me to where I am today.

I usually work on web design projects and I create logos & branding elements. I also like to make illustrations when I can.

When I'm not designing or illustrating, I sometimes do the front-end developing for some of my web design projects.

My kind of projects

On a day-to-day basis I work on an array of design projects – from small to big, for both digital and print. I adapt to my clients in order to get the outcome they desire and to find the best solution for their business.

I offer a complete solution for smaller websites, as I design and front-end develop websites and e-mail newsletters, as well as I design web based ad campaigns. For the programming part I work with the team at Digital Owwwl.

I create company identities both in print and in the online medium.

Illustrating characters or objects needed for certain campaigns is always something that brings me joy. My style is simple, clean, but bold and with a strong visual impact.

Artistic influences and hobbies

My favorite artists come from as different backgrounds and medias as painting, manga&anime, illustration and graphic design.

Here are my top5: Salvador Dali, Rumiko Takahashi, Malika Favre, Tom Haugomat and Steve Simpson.

What I love above all is a good story. That might be the reason behind my biggest hobbies: I like to read, to watch movies, and sometimes I try to write stories of my own. I also flirt with the idea of creating a conlang.

My favourite quote

Fortune favors the bold

- latin dicton

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